The Autowatch KD-301 DVR is a compact Digital Video Recorder suitable for most mobile automotive applications, ie cars, taxis, lorries, HGV's and goods-in-transit.

The KD-301 is designed to record video & audio with up to 4 external colour cameras and 1 microphone. This system offers a range of storage options from a 1-32GB SD card or external portable hard drive up to 1TB. A GPS option will allow playback showing the location of the vehicle whilst recording via Google Maps within the playback software.

The mounting cradle is secured by a key lock. Recorded data will be date and time stamped which allows quick identification when storing and during playback via our software.

  • Embedded operating system
  • Records up to four channels of full-motion colour video with corresponding audio track
  • H.264 High Profile video compression
  • Total Record resource up to 100/12 D1 fps
  • Lockable security enclosure.
  • Front panel USB2 port for recording to a hard drive as an extra storage device.
  • Ignition sense that provides DVR power-on in recording mode when the vehicle is started
  • Power-off delay record when the vehicle is shut-down with operator-selected delay times
  • Use with up to 32GB SD card or USB Hard drive 1TB max


Mounting of the KD-301 is easy and secure using the supplied lockable metal enclosure. Settings onboard the unit supply extra security via password and overwrite controls. Storage is by either the internal mounted SD card or  for more data, an optional 2.5" portable HDD.

  • H.264 High Profile video compression, real time recording 25fps PAL/30fps NTSC for each channel. Frame rate adjustable for each channel.
  • Audio compression G.711 codec. This offers high compression with high quality audio.
  • D1 resolution for each channel, which means each channel support 720x576 PAL 720x480 NTSC.
  • Auto synchronize DVR time with GPS
  • Local video and audio real time playback.
  • GPS Time Synchronization & Time Zone.
  • Support all Time Zones Worldwide
  • Support DST (Daylight Saving Time).


When viewing the recorded video data with the supplied software on a computer with internet access, the vehicle's position is shown on a map via the recorded GPS positioning embedded in the data. Up to 4 cameras recorded video can be viewed at once or each camera individually.

Media Player

You may use manufacture's PC Playback software or any of the following third party media player to playback the recorded file.

  • VLC media player(version1.0.0 or above)
  • Storm player (version 2009 or above)
  • Winamp (version 5.531or above)


Power Management

  • Reliable power management, wide voltage +8VDC -40VDC. The power input is protected against short positive transient 1500 watts peak pulse power capability with a 10x1000 us wave form. The power input is protected against negative voltage. Applicable for vehicles with +12V or +24V battery.
  • The recorder provides each camera with  stable +12V.
  • DC power: DVR can detect the short cut on power circuit.
  • Can use ignition to control the power.
  • DVR can monitor battery voltage after ignition off, and auto into sleep mode when voltage is below specified level.

Speed & Vehicle Status Recording

  • Record vehicle speed and car ID with audio and video
  • Support 5 sensors, can be connected to speed, ignition, brake, reverse, right turn, left turn, light etc.
  • Over-speed alarm
  • Specified screen can be full screen displayed  when return sensor triggered.

Recording Mode

  • Continuous record
  • Support schedule recording
  • Support alarm recording.
  • Support motion detection recording.
  • Support 2 recording mode, composite mode and separate mode.

SD Card Plug & Play

  • Support SDHC card within 32GByte.
  • Support SDXC card more than 64GByte
  • Support plug and play for SD card when not recording and playing.

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