Like all immobiliser systems the Ghost will not be able to secure your car if it has been found and removed by a thief. Whilst the Ghost has an edge over every other immobiliser on the market by being tiny and therefore is able to be placed in many different places in the car it could still be found if a thief has enough uninterrupted time. This is where the Shadow comes in. This upgrade add-on unit for the Ghost gives an additional layer of security without compromising the Ghost location.

The Shadow connects to the same CAN network as the Ghost so it does not communicate over radio frequency, something which a thief could use to locate other immobiliser systems with "wireless relays". The Shadow has an internal immobiliser relay that can be used as an emergency use immobilisation, normally sitting dormant and hidden and only activating should the Ghost be removed. The Shadow also has an output that can be used to trigger a siren when someone is trying to start the vehicle without being authorised or if the Ghost is removed. This output could also be connected to a tracking/paging system to give a silent warning of theft attempts.


  • Additional layer of security to the Ghost Immobiliser
  • Internal relay for emergency immobilisation
  • CAN connected, no RF to give away location
  • Output for siren / tracking when theft is being attempted
  • Does not compromise the Ghost location

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