Check here to make sure you have the correct version of application for your particular version of the Ghost:

Ghost-II Android: "Autowatch Ghost-II"

Ghost-II iOS: "Autowatch Ghost-II"

Original Ghost iOS: "Autowatch Ghost"

Note: There is no Android version for the original Ghost. The Ghost-II application will not pair with an original Ghost.

If you have any doubt if about which version you have just have a look at your card. If your card has "GHOST-II" on the front it is a Ghost-II otherwise if it has "GHOST" on the front it is an original Ghost.

Pairing the phone

Pairing your phone with the Ghost requires the following process.

Step 1: Download the appropriate application for your Ghost version and device. Make sure you have your emergency card which also has the Bluetooth pairing code cleared and readable. 

Step 2: Open the application and press the "+" button on the top right hand corner - for the original Ghost application open the setting menu in the application and select pair with vehicle. The application will now be searching for the Ghost

Step 3: Get the Ghost into pairing mode by entering disarm sequence (PIN code) change mode and pressing the service/valet button once. 

Step 4: Wait for the Bluetooth pairing request to pop up on the phone, this can take up to 30 seconds but is normally very fast. Enter the 6 digit Bluetooth pairing code on the phone.

Android app not pairing?

If your Android application is not pairing follow this process to go to Settings->General management->Reset->Reset network settings and the select Reset.

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