These tips are helpful if you are trying to enter your disarm sequence are not getting your 2 flash confirmation that the Ghost is disarmed. 

  • Are there any switches that need to be in a particular position before entering the code (mirror adjustment, cruise control on, fan on etc.)
  • Are you waiting for the 2 flash confirmation before trying to start
  • Try waiting 5 seconds before trying to enter the disarm sequence, if that does not work try waiting 10 seconds after switching on ignition before trying the disarm sequence
  • Make sure you are switching on full ignition, not just accessory power. The dash lights should all light up and then most of them will turn off

Finally if none of these are working try these things.

  1. Use the 4 digit emergency code on the back of the emergency code behind the scratch off area (check card for details)
  2. Remove the vehicle battery for 2 minutes and try the normal process again

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