Parking Sensor Systems are electronic guidance and warning systems that assist with safe reversing and also parking with ease and confidence. AUTOWATCH offers a comprehensive range of professional systems to suit the majority of vehicles at affordable prices. Parking Sensor Systems utilise a set of sensors (eye) that can be fitted to the rear or front bumpers of the vehicle. AUTOWATCH offer a range of sensors to suit most vehicle installation requirements.

AUTOWATCH Parking Sensors Systems utilise ultrasonic technology. The (eyes) sense the proximity of an object up to1.5 meters away from the rear or front of the vehicle and compute the exact position of the object.


The rear parking sensors are automatically activated when reverse gear is selected. An audible indication is given every time the sensors are selected to inform that that they are working.

Different audible indications are given depending on how close to the object your vehicle is. The further away the vehicle is, the slower the beep. The first warning zone begins at 1.2 metres with a slow audible beeps and becomes progressively quicker and shorter as the vehicle moves closer to an object. When the rapid audible warning beep changes to a constant tone, the vehicle is at a distance of 0.45 metres. this means that the vehicle is close enough to an object to indicate that damage could be caused if the vehicle travels any further.

All AUTOWATCH systems incorporate an exclusive facility called Digital Signal Measurement (DSM) technology, an important feature particularly for the recreational type vehicles fitted with tow hitches, bicycles,spare wheels etc.

The TTR system is an independent LED reverse /parking aid that is for use on towed vehicles such as truck trailers and caravans. This system can also be fitted to rigid lorries and motorhomes. Unlike standard systems which use audio and/or a display which link the sensors to the warning device in the cab of the towing vehicle, this unique system is completely independent of the vehicle that tows the load. This means that no matter which vehicle tows the load carriage, they will have the benefits of the TTR reverse system. The TTR system is suitable for both 12 volt & 24 volt vehicles.

The towed vehicle has four ultrasonic sensor eyes fitted to the rear of the trailor unit and TWO LED display units fitted to the rear side of the corners facing toward the front. When reverse is selected, the system switches on. As the vehicle reverses and objects enter the detection range, the LED display starts to flash and can be seen in either rear view mirror. As the vehicle gets closer to an object, the LED display begins to flash at different rates and varies the colours.

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